All right, so I had a lot of fun making these!
Most of the art was drawn by my boyfriend, excluding the waves and the net which I quickly put together. I am the "so-called" artist in the household, but I honestly think he has a gift. Maybe that's just me. Whatever. It doesn't matter.
Anyway, this project has been long-time coming. I loveeeee the way they turned out. I own an Etsy store (as I have mentioned before), so obviously I had to include those there (<---shameless advertising).
All 4 cards were made in illustrator (drawings were scanned and vectorized from scaps of paper my boyfriend left on the floor). The only card with anything printed on the inside is the 'Get Well' card (the one about the bug).
Hope you guys like them, because I spent all day making them, getting them print ready, etc. :/

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